The Big W  by Admiral Fartmore Book Assigner’s Note (Beau Dashington): Once again, the PSBC proves its relevance by returning to some ancient piece of shit from the 90s that no one cares about. Interesting fact: this movie has two sequels, but will this review as well? If you’ve never seen The Mighty Ducks film, I highly recommend it. To quote the 1992 trailer: “From Walt Disney Pictures – a hotshot attorney who has never lost is forced to coach a hockey team that’s never won. He teaches them how to win, and they teach him that winning isn’t everything. Walt Disney Pictures presents EmilioRead More →

Eat, Pimp, Love: One Ghetto Gourmet’s Search for Everything  by Dewey Booklover This post marks a first in PSBC history.  I have been given the privilege and responsibility of reviewing the first-ever cookbook.  When I heard I was getting assigned a cookbook my heart dropped; I’ve been on the internet long enough to know how dark that road can get. Luckily this cookbook uses ingredients you can find at a grocery store and doesn’t require planning and physical effort to obtain. The book is Cookin’ with Coolio: 5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price. In 2008, Coolio had a reality TV show called Coolio’s Rules, which documentedRead More →

Atlanta is very far inland...

Intentionally Bad… Is Good?  by Peartree Book Assigners’ Note (Dewey Booklover and Admiral Fartmore): Heyyyy, we liked one!   The idea of creating something intentionally bad is as old as time itself. Be it Chaucer pranking those courtly audience members with The Tale Of Melibee, anti-art movements like the Incoherents or Dada, the Fantastic Four 1994 unreleased film, the video game Don’t Buy This, music by Kanye West, paintings hung in hotel rooms, or literature like Atlanta Nights and The Little Ass-tronaut, there is something to be said for that which is created purely to be shat™ on. The general consensus on intentionally bad art is that it fails; theRead More →