The Rules

Piece of Shit Book Club™ Rules

  1. Books must be provided by the person assigning the book for review.
  2. The book has to be a reasonable length. No picking Mein Kampf or Atlas Shrugged. The reader should be able to finish the book in a couple of sittings.
  3. The book will be chosen by the winner of a bet, with the reviewer cycling through the following order:
    1. Peartree
    2. AdmiralFartmore
    3. Beau Dashington
    4. Dewey Booklover
  4. The bet can be anything, but all must have equal chance of winning/losing.
  5. The book chosen can be from any genre, but must be presumed to be shitty.
  6. Book reports are due in this thread within 2 weeks (PST time of the pre-assigned date).

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