Whalesongs Are Terrifying (3.4/10) By Peartree (book chosen by Beau Dashington) Editor’s Note: Do you want to continue with this review? If you select ‘Yes’, scroll further down the page and continue reading. If you select “No”, then re-direct your browser to the beginning and start again. During my first run through this book, I died after 8 pages. It was complete bullshit. I had made all the right decisions as a spy such as George Lazenby would have. I was assigned the task of finding some scientist who disappeared after he discovered the secret to decoding a message from whales. The whales, of course, wereRead More →

Adventurous Handiwork (5.1/10) By Peartree (book chosen by Beau Dashington) Editor’s Note: A few weeks ago, we decided it was time to revisit some of the worst authors we had read so far. And so here is the second installment in our series of sequels. So Peartree is revisiting the second book in the boys trilogy. In the last book, the boys were being homoerotic and looking for treasure. What will happen this time? Only time will tell. For any long time readers out there you may be shocked to see a rating above 5.0. But yes, that is not a typo. Although certainly aRead More →