1. Um no “Blitzmadchen” I live in the UK and it is not being overrun by Indians. They make up 2.3 of our population which considering the UK and India’s close ties is very far from being overrun and they have integrated into British society just fine.

  2. Wow. I’m in your debt. You suffered through this book so other people don’t have to.

    It’s hilarious how racists think this story has anything to do with the real world.

  3. mIt’s been useful reading for me, as a person of South Asian ancestry. I fully expect Americans under the Trump/Bannon regime to treat South Asians as subhuman monsters and I have exercised due caution by canceling planned professional updates in the US, as well as a family holiday.

  4. Furthermore, I think that Indian engineering grads should turn their noses up at the H1-B scam, and join DRDO to work on a 14,000-km Agni-VI, which will be the only deterrent against Trump and Bannon using India for nuclear target practice one day.

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