1. Hahahah…you so FUNNY. Repressed people and all your being horrified by sexuality that isn’t yours. Just remember, what you felt reading THAT book is EXACTLY what…

    1) Racists feel when they see a mixed couple
    2) Homophobes feel when the see a gay couple
    3) Religious fanatics feel when think of interfaith couples
    4) H.P. Lovecraft felt when he saw anyone who wasn’t white and exactly the same ethnicity interacting in any way.

    They all claimed that THEIR feelings were the “right” way to feel, they too represented the majority view in our society once upon a time. So what makes you so damn sure that you’re right?

    1. P.S. Here’s a lesson on applying morality without applying bigotry: forcible copulation is a violation of the Golden Rule (ethic’s “prime directive, if you will) The book contained rape, and rape is unacceptable because it violates rights (which stem from the Golden Rule). Bestiality is unacceptable from a legal perspective because we judge non-human species incapable of consent (like children). This judgement is partly based on disgust and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt…NOTHING is ever wrong because of “disgust”, only that which violates the rights, as derived from ethics, of involved parties is wrong. That is morality, without bigotry.

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